Halloween Fun!

Halloween Fun!

On October 29th and October 30th, Sol Remembrance will be running all day events for all players! We are inviting all of StarMade’s players to participate in events that will take place throughout the days, including things such as dogfights and other events! You do not have to create a SR character application in order to do these events!

Everything will be held on a server dedicated for these events, the ip of which will be both posted here, on our SMD general discussion thread and on our SMD server thread once it is up. It will also be able to be found on the server list. We will be shutting down our main server for those 2 days in order to give the most processing power possible for our events.

IP []

For if you wish to talk to us beforehand: Discord

List of events that will happen (Will depend on amount of players that show up)
– 1 v 1 Dogfighting (Mass based) –
– Free for all dogfighting (Mass based) –
– Team Deathmatch (Mass based)
– Small Fleet Warfare (Mass based) –
– Capture the flag –
– Astronaut warfare –
– Ship Boarding Team Deathmatch (Astronaut mode) –
– Escort events –
Due to the unknown amount of people that will be here, no specific times can be put up and all these events will depend on the amount of players and what they request.
If you wish to participate in these events, but do not have a ship of your own that you can upload to the server to be spawned in for you to use, we will have ship designs available!



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