Drive Corruption and Server Wipe

Hello everyone,

5 days ago, the data drives that our server files were hosted on, went bad, and the files were irretrievable. Because of this, we have lost all data on our drives, and all server files after 8/28/16. The last 4 months of server data is completely lost, and due to this, we will be having a full server wipe, however, all current lore will not be changed.

All players who have played in the last 4 months will receive 300 million credits, and temporary access to a infinite shop. If you had anything from before the last 4 months (Any ships/sectors from the current backup being used), you can have up to 5 sectors exported to the new universe. We will also allow 5 ships up to 30k mass each to be imported and spawned in for every player.

The old server will be up for a week, and if you are not able to have anything exported within that time, we will have the server files saved locally, and they will be able to be used at any time.

The new post-wipe server will be launched later today, and will be worked on to make it player-ready within the shutdown time of the old files.

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