Update! 6/29/17

We are pleased to announce our newest server, the Sol Remembrance Anarchy server! This server has almost no rules, with what few rules we have found HERE.


We are also announcing that all of our servers now run the StarMade Advanced Decoratives Mod! This is being constantly updated and adds many new blocks on our servers for everyone to mess around with, and makes us one of the only StarMade servers that has completely custom blocks! While you can join and play without the mod installed, some blocks will not show up properly without it installed. The mod can be found HERE.


We have also released a new application form for our RP server that will gradually replace the old manual system that we have used previously! This form is much easier to use due to it’s simple fill in the blank format, and will allow administration to respond to the application more quickly.

We are also planning on releasing bi-weekly updates on server news here on the site, so expect many more exciting things in the near future, as we have many exciting features in the works!



         Sol Remembrance Administration

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